‘Shots From *hic* the Block


This week’s ‘Shots from the Block is tardy due to correspondent Miller Davis’ need to party. Apparently, he misread his contract and thought ‘Shots from the Block included his getting shots from the bar. So he’s hungover.

Bear with him as he deconstructs the past week’s activities with everyone’s favorite foursome.

Take it away, Miller.


Errrr, Miller?



Miller Davis emerges, on the phone with his agent, and a Bloody Mary and a fistful of aspirin.

*Miller to agent* Hell no, my contract didn’t stipulate that I couldn’t drink. *pause* Can they really tell me I can’t drink any liquor?!?!? Dammit, Tom! That gives new meaning to the phrase “shot blocker.”

*looks up* Oh, shit. I’m on? Tom…gotta go. *drops phone*

Heyyyyyyyy there! Welcome, everybody. It sure was a wild week over on the bar, err, I mean, Block. The aftermath of the Starlet-Yanni altercation left serious questions for us all to ponder. Especially when Starlet outted Yanni for perpetrating a serious fraud, pretending to be “well-to-do” when she’s really “hell-to-broke.”

Starlet leaving Eric at the church and asking Mason to drop her home may cause serious issues beyond the obvious embarrassment assessed to Yanni’s ego. And Mason’s finding out that Yanni is broke, coupled with his newfound in-fat-uation with Starlet’s lips, may cause ripple effects within the budding romance between Starlet and Eric.

So here’s this week’s batch of questions (and I’m gonna do this quick so I can go back and lay down):

W.W.Y.D.N? (What will Yanni do now?) With no roommate, how will she make ends meet? Does she have something up her sleeve?

What will happen when both Mason and Eric show up to help Starlet move? Will Yanni make a scene reminiscent of the “window show” the other day?

Will Eric continue to fight temptation and continue to bond with Starlet? Will Mason make a move on Starlet’s lips? Will he find a new “sugar mama”?

Will my head ever stop pounding?

Whew! All of the craziness happening over on the Block is enough to drive this reporter to drink.

*gobbles aspirin*

This is Miller Davis, saying thanks for tuning in to Yanni’s Block every Monday thru Thursday, and don’t forget to join me each Friday for another round of ‘shots…from the Block!

*Is this mic off? Good. A negro can’t even sleep off a good buzz these days. *yelling at intern* Get me a trash can, some sunflower seeds and an Amstel Light. NOW!!!*