Parting ‘Shots

Four months ago, you were introduced to Eric Lindsey, 29; Starlet Lovesome, 27; Jackson Mason, 31; and Yanni E’Baire, 30. What started out as the tale of four black professionals living on a neighborhood block in the tony town of Blogsome Bay has turned into one of the most intense blog operas in the history of print.

The deception, the heartbreak, the secrets, the lies …

The Murder.

    Ashley’s dead. And somebody did it!

The Suspects:


—> Wanted Ashley gone. Period.
—> Thought he saw her cheating and left her trifling ass the same day. When she resurfaced in Blogsome, his hatred reached a boiling point, with his last words to her wishing her dead.
—> Had motive, but no real opportunity. The police aren’t looking at him for the murder.
—> May be browbeating himself for treating Ashley with such disdain. He found out — after the fact — that she was pregnant with his child.


—> Hated the fact that Ashley was pregnant by another man
—> Felt guilty for leaving her five years ago when they had their entire future ahead of them
—> Still referred to her as “his”
—> Was allegedly the last one to speak to Ashley before she was murdered
—> His motive was clear: If he couldn’t have Ashley, no one else could, either


—> Easily the most deceptive of the entire list of suspects
—> Would do anything to get what she wants
—> Might’ve thought that Ashley was an unwelcome obstacle in her quest to land Eric
—> Her motive? Revenge for a beat down and abandonment. And what better way to mete it out than to set up an unsuspecting Starlet


—> Has a history of “blacking out” just before someone turns up dead near water
—> Was arrested and tried for murder in the past of someone she felt violated her
—> Was none too happy about Ashley pushing up on Eric with her standing in the room
—> Was tired of coming in second place to other women
—> Her motive? Getting rid of the competition and finally getting what she wants

The Cliffhanger:

Sabrina’s unconscious from some sort of rash. Starlet’s past may have caught up with her. Yanni’s caught in a precarious situation with the detective. Eric and Mason both had a past with the victim.

The Bottom Line:

Ashley Craft is dead. All the clues are there, floating around the Bay. The cell phone. The murder weapon. The reason.


Find out during the highly anticipated second season of Yanni’s Block.

Coming January 2006.

(Also stay tuned for Yanni’s holiday gift to her readers, the Miller Davis-hosted, behind the scenes expose, “One Block Over,” coming in December.)

The Block will never be the same …