Writer’s Block — Starlet Lovesome

Miller Davis knew the Writer’s Block wrap-up wouldn’t be complete without hearing from the “Star”let of the show. Mind you, Davis is now about 10 pounds heavier, but it was worth it to hear what P. Ea.ton had to say about her character Starlet Lovesome and plans for Season Three.

And before we forget, grab a pen and mark this on the calendar . . . the all-new third season BLOCK PARTY begins in September! SAVE THE DATE!!!

1. How were you first introduced to Yanni’s Block?

I was introduced to YB by Yanni herself. LOL One day, Yolanda and I were chatting and she said, “Check this link out and see if you want to be a part of it.” I thought it would be a cool idea. Even though I’m an artist, being a part of writing something like this is NOTHING I would have ever imagined doing.

2. What does it take to write for a character each week?

Well, I’m a down-to-the-wire writer. All week I usually meditate over what has happened in Eric’s post, and then around 3 p.m. on Wednesday, I get my nose to the grindstone. Usually, I’m listening to something soft and quiet, to get the juices flowing. Once I start writing, I’m usually done in a half hour. Unfortunately, my hands don’t go as fast as my brain.

3. Which parts of yourself are included in the character you write for?

I would say that I put a lot of myself into Starlet. There are a lot of aspects of Starlet that are not me, especially on the love front.

4. What is one thing your character has done during the first two seasons that you would never do? Pick only one.

I would have NEVER run back to Eric after he had been an asshole. I have an issue with that kind of behavior, especially from men. It means you never had respect for me from the beginning, and I can’t tolerate that.

5. Do you have a favorite episode? (Which one was it? Explain why you liked it.)

I don’t think that I have a favorite episode. I can say that I am always excited to see what the other writers have written. Keeps a sista on her toes.

6. What would you like to see happen to your character during the upcoming season?

I think Starlet needs some time to get Starlet on the right track. She needs to call her mother and tell her she is okay, officially clear her name, get Sabrina out of her life, move into her own home and continue to be content with herself.

7. We’re assuming you read the comments left by readers. What’s the one piece of feedback you’ve received regarding your character that you’ll never forget?

I read all of the comments. I think one that sticks with me is the one Nikki wrote on the “Fool Me Once” episode (Feb. 2): “That’s the smartest move Starlet has done since moving out of Yanni’s place. If Eric wants you, let him come to you. And not with some bullshit explanation. Make him tell you the absolute truth!”

Fun facts about P.Ea.ton, the writer for Starlet Lovesome:

• Opera singer.

• Jill-of-all-trades at a law firm, while waiting for the opera career to jump off.

• Compulsive addiction to shoes, makeup and perfumes.

• Addicted to reality TV and Young and the Restless.

• Lover of animals and owner of Halloween cat.

• Only child by birth, single by choice, lover of life.