Accepting the Sunshine

It was amazing how my personal peace had increased since Alex and I moved out of Yanni’s house.

Two days after moving out, Mandy called to say the owner was definitely ready to sell. The asking price was great, and she promised to get right on it.

By Wednesday, Alex and Jacob made sure all our belongings were moved in and unpacked.

Now, here we were, almost two weeks out of Yanni’s house and settled into a nice routine. Since our home was close to the office, I spent most mornings there and the afternoons at home, cooking dinner, exercising and going through my designer’s plans.

Today was no different than any other when my mother called.

“Okay, so when are you going to invite me to the new digs?” she asked.

“Good afternoon to you, too. Where are you now?”

“I’m downstairs in the lobby, but your doorman won’t ring you. What is that about?”

“Put Marquis on the phone, so I can clear up things.”

Marquis apologized and, within seconds, my mother was ringing my doorbell.

Once I opened the door and hugged my mother, she began talking a million miles a minute.

“Well, isn’t this a beautiful home? Don’t you look all glowy? Pregnancy is really suited to you!”

I sat down on the arm of the couch while she continued walking around, shooting off remarks and looking at everything. Finally, she realized that I hadn’t said one word.

“Oh, Star, I’m so sorry. So, how is the pregnancy treating you?”

My face grew warm, and I smiled at her. “I feel so good now that I’m not sick all the time. Alex is so wonderful and living in our own space without Yanni has made things much smoother.” Once I started talking, I couldn’t stop and continued my own diatribe. “He usually makes breakfast since he’s an early riser, and he’s really appreciative of what I do for him. But you know we haven’t really settled on what our relationship is.” I took a deep breath after saying all that.

“No, Starlet, you haven’t decided,” my mother said. “Obviously Alex has. His actions are speaking so loudly, and you aren’t hearing him. Starlet, he wants more.”

I had to stare at her for a minute. Mandy said the same thing when she called to tell me about the quick-sale on the condo. Her words echoed in my head: “Stary, you would be a fool to let him go. He’s stepping to the plate and the baby might not be his? Please. I’ll take him if you don’t want him.”

“I guess I’m afraid,” I finally admitted to my mother. “His line of work is dangerous and he’s still an employee of Yanni’s.”

“Let me tell you something that you haven’t seemed to grasp . . . a man is going to do what a man wants to do. No woman—especially not his boss—is going to dictate his life. Yanni’s not his woman. He has claimed you as his, now embrace it.”

My mother was right. I felt a crazy wave of emotion wash over me. Alex was really good to me. He made me feel special and safe all the time.

“I guess I need to tell him something.”

“Everything happens in Divine order baby. Everything. When it’s time you’ll know.”


I picked myself off the couch arm and walked toward the window. As I stood there observing the skyline and rubbing my stomach, I knew the time had come for Alex and I to really talk. Well, for me to talk.

“Starlet Marie, since I see you’re fine and your doorman is like a ninja, I know you’re safe.” She touched me lightly on the arm. “You look wonderful, and I obviously don’t have to kill that big brut who is living here with you. Now, what else are you going to do with this place?”

For the next couple of hours, my mother and I discussed my options with the place. We had totally lost track of time, when my phone started ringing Alex’s programmed ring tone.

“Hey, baby. When are you getting home?” I inquired.

“I’ll be there in a few. I’m just checking to see what you wanted for dinner.”

I started walking down the hall and, as usual, instinctively began rubbing my stomach.

“I would love some tacos and some Doritos.”

“No Doritos, but I’ll get you some chicken and veggie tacos. Cool?”

“Yea, and some Gaviscon for my heartburn,” I added laughing.

“If you get heartburn, then no more tacos for you. I swear you and your diet choices. I’ll be there in about twenty minutes. Bye, sweets, see you in a few.”

I hung up the phone and turned smack dab into my mother.

“Starlet Marie Lovesome, talk to him.”

She kissed me on the head and walked out of the house.

I turned and walked back to the bay window thinking of ways to talk to Alex. As I watched the sun set, I heard his key turn in the door.

“Beautiful, meet me in the kitchen,” he bellowed.

I stood in the doorway and watched him set the table in the breakfast nook. Finally I said, “Hey, honey, we need to talk.”