Hall Pass

We got down to the emergency room as fast as possible. Red nor me wanted to see Yanni being led away in handcuffs and charged with attempted murder.

Fortunately, the ER was in chaos once we got there due to a major casualty coming in, so we slipped past the nurses’ station and listened for signs of strangling or yells for help.


We were about to turn the corner and check down the corridor when we literally ran into Rain. "What's up, fellas?" he said with a smile that made me wanna smack him.

"Hey, Rain!" Red said, returning the smile. "We're looking for Yanni. She paged us to meet her here," he continued, giving Rain some dap.

Rain looked in my direction, and I reluctantly gave him a head nod. I wanted nothing to do with dude.

Red grew impatient. "Have you seen her?"

"Yeah," Rain responded. "I've seen her. She's over there," he said, pointing to the curtain down the hall. There was no noise coming from that direction. Only a buxom nurse leaving the area on a mission.

Damn, I thought. Did Yanni send the nurse away so she could strangle Sabrina without any witnesses? Or did Yanni convince the nurse to help her off Sabrina? The way she was walking, it could only be one of those things. We needed to get over there.

Red's voice jolted me from my tilted thoughts. "Thanks, Rain. Come on, Mase. Let's go."

"Wait a second, fellas," Rain said in his holier-than-thou voice. "Now I know Sabrina is trouble, and I know how much you guys can't stand her, but I can't let you go over there and cause all hell to break loose.

"I looked at him like he was crazy. "What the fuck?" I yelled in the middle of the hallway. "You gonna choose now to flex your muscle and try and keep us from seeing Sabrina? Really, asshole? That's how it's gonna be?"

The smirk on Rain's face made me lunge toward him with a balled fist. Red caught me and held me back, probably saving me from an assault charge.

He was baiting me, and I almost took it. But I wasn’t sure why. Was it the smirk, or was it the fact that I knew Yanni might be doing something she shouldn't, and all this asshole was worried about was fucking with me.  Most likely both, I concluded.

"Come on, Rain. I don't think it's us you should be worried about," Red said, displaying calm in the face of ignorance. "Leaving Yanni alone with Sabrina should be your concern. Let us through."

Before any of us could say another word, the buxom nurse came storming back around the corner, joined by four burly security guards. "This way," she motioned, leading them to the curtain where Sabrina and Yanni were.

All three of us watched them walk by, before joining the caravan down the corridor. Red rushed ahead, asking the nurse what was going on. I walked slowly, waiting for Rain to get ahead of me. When he did, I grabbed him by the shoulder.

"What the heck?" was all he got out before I turned him to face me.

"That shit you just pulled? That was cute," I said, mocking his earlier smirk. "But keep that personal shit out of my face, doc. Let's make this all about keeping Yanni safe. Because if something happened to her while you were here jerking us around, you're gonna see how personal shit can get." 

I brushed past him and continued down the hallway, waiting for him to say something. Or smirk. Anything at all, and he would've seen my hall pass, I thought, my fists still balled.

As if getting a clue, he walked in silence as we reached the curtain.