About Yanni’s Block

Yanni’s Block is a fictional work pushed into existence by my alter-ego, Yanni, and Will’s naming of the new high-dollar suburb on the blog-block. Monday through Thursday, Yanni and the crew will keep us abreast of their latest escapades in Blogsome Bay.

Think Knots Landing, Melrose Place, Desperate Housewives, all rolled into one. It’s going to be full of drama. And it’s going to be fun.

Current Cast of Characters

Yanni E’Baire

The Surface: 30, (no one is quite sure WHAT she does), self-described bitch, man-crazy, master manipulator. Pays best friend Starlet off with new shoes for cooking meals for her. Has family issues still undealt with. Wants men just for the hell of it. That might be her occupation.

The Scoop: Knows Starlet looks up to her, uses that to her advantage. Loves knowing that she always has the upper-hand when it comes to men. Until now. With Eric. And she can’t stand it. So, her mission now is to take him away. By any means necessary.

Starlet Lovesome

The Surface: 27, advertising executive working in the white building downtown. Recently got promoted and moved over from the black building across the street. GREAT cook. Lover of shoes. Best friend of Yanni, sharing a house until hers is remodeled to her specifications.

The Scoop: Extremely jealous of Yanni. Not so much self-conscious about her weight, until Yanni conveniently reminds her. Tired of playing second fiddle. Has her eyes set on new neighbor, Eric.

Jackson Andrew Mason III

The Surface: 31, landscaper, nickname “Mason,” son of former lieutenant governor of Texas, on the run dodging indictment from local and federal government. Moved to Blogsome to lay low after almost being caught in two other cities. Tormented due to family issues and a past filled with broken hearts and promises. Very selfish. Checkered past that may include a murder?!?!?

The Scoop: Looking for an easy payday, not really trying to work too hard. Used to the glamorous life that comes with being the son of a politician. Already slept with Yanni, thinking she’s rich, although he can never remember her name. Has his eyes set on any and every woman that will support him.

Eric Lindsey

The Surface: 29, music industry consultant, just moved to the Bay from Texas. Christian. Very creative. Serial monogomist. Looking for a good woman to settle down with.

The Scoop: Prone to temptation, a self-proclaimed “lover of the phatty.” Has eyes for Starlet, but is intrigued by Yanni. This.could.cause.problems. His ex, Ashley, hurt him deeply and is still in his peripheral.