Previously, On Yanni’s Block…

Yanni's a mother.

Mason's trying to deal with his.

And Starlet's still trying to figure out if she wants to be one.

On the occasion of Red's engagement to the "love of his life," the residents of Yanni's Block gathered for what was supposed to be an intimate gathering to celebrate the upcoming nuptials. 

Instead, it turned into a "family" barbecue gone incredibly wrong.

Now, three months have passed, and Alex is sitting in jail awaiting word on a trial that seems to be one-sided against him.  He's had visitors, each trying to help, each attempting to figure out how best to cope

Still, there remain so many questions:  What really happened at the barbecue?  What are the charges against Alex?  How has his being in jail affected his team?  His family?  What news is Starlet hiding?  What's going on with Karla's pregnancy?  Are Red and Jean in the family way, too?  Is Sheldon dead or alive?  Has anyone seen Vincent? 

And with Alex's freedom hanging in the balance, they're questions that need to be answered quickly.

Stay tuned this season as Yanni's Block leads up to the Trial of Blogsome Bay!

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