I rolled over and buried my face in the pillow; anything to get away from the sunlight streaming through my bedroom window. Last night had been crazy, leaving me with a pulsating headache.


First, Carla failed horribly in trying to weasel information out of me regarding Alex, but managed to piss me off with her constant insults disguised as curiosity and concern. Next, Starlet forced us to shop until we dropped; the latter of which Jean and I promptly did toward the end of the trip. Lastly, I came home to find Rain and Mason going at it in the front yard.


When I tried to intervene, Rain got pissed, jumped in his car and drove off. A smug Mason, on the other hand, invited himself in. It was only because of Terry and a low-grade headache that I didn’t curse him out for trying to run my house in my absence.


I poured drinks as I filled Mason in on his mother’s conniving ways. One drink led to two, then three. Before I knew it, I lost count. Truthfully, I had no idea how I’d gotten to bed. Sooner or later, I’d have to get up, because Terry would need a ride to classes.


Suddenly, what sounded like a drill invaded the quiet of the room. I forced my head deeper into the fluffy softness of the pillow. Who in the hell would be working so early in the morning?


Moments later, a knock came at my door.


“Yeah?” I moaned.


“Hey, mom, wake up. Mason’s on the phone.”


“Tell him I’ll call him back later.”


Terry mumbled something on the other side of the door, just before opening it. “He says it can’t wait. It’s about Alex.”


I drew myself up and took the phone from her. “Thanks. Give me a few minutes, and I’ll run you to classes.”


“No worries. I’m not going in today.”


“Why not?”


“I got an e-mail. Today’s class has been canceled and, since I only have one other, it doesn’t pay to drive all the way there.”


“If you say so.”


Terry smiled. “You don’t look like you’re up to going anywhere anyway.” She glanced at the phone. “You’d better talk to him before he shows up here again.”


“Oops, you’re right.”


I waited for Terry to close the door, before speaking. “What’s up, Mase?”


“It’s about damn time,” he said, breathing heavily.


“Mase, I’ve got a terrible headache, so please don’t start.”


“I’m just saying. I’ve been waiting almost five minutes and—”


“I said ‘please.’”


He huffed. “I called because Alex’s attorney has been trying to reach you. When he couldn’t get you, he called me.”


“Really? Why not Red or—”


“Or somebody who won’t screw things up?” Mason added.


“That’s not what I meant.”


“That’s exactly what you meant. The point is Alex told him to call me.”


“Fine. So, what’s the deal?”


“Jury selection has begun.”


“I thought that wasn’t for another two weeks.”


“Nope, started this morning. They’re hoping to have it completed by tomorrow at the latest.”


“You’re kidding, right?”


“I wish I were.”


“This doesn’t make sense. First, they take forever to set a trial date, now, they rush into jury selection. Something’s not right about this.”


“Makes me wonder who your father really is,” Mason snapped.


“What’s that supposed to mean?”


“Think about it, Yanni. Your father and his people have little to no evidence to convict Alex, but they’ve indicted him. With that little to no evidence they’re rushing to try him. Doesn’t that sound peculiar?”


“What sounds peculiar is that Sheldon is supposedly dead, but your mother’s far from a grieving widow.”


“They weren’t married.”


“You know what the hell I mean.”


“Stay on topic, dammit,” Mason countered.


“I am on topic. All this has everything to do with the other. Your mother is keeping secrets, not to mention keeping an innocent man behind bars for a murder that never happened.”


“Hey, don’t go blaming my mother. It’s not her fault Sheldon and Alex bumped heads years ago.”


“It’s not Alex’s fault either.”


“I didn’t say it was.”


“That’s what it sounded like to me. Look, my head is pounding, and I don’t feel up to arguing. You wanna go with me to see Alex?”


“Why do you think I called?”


“I thought it was to make my ass hurt as bad as my head hurts.”


Mason laughed. “Having trouble handling your liquor?”




“All right. I’m at your front door. Come open it.”    

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  1. Mase is still sour about that comment? Well he DID get a lil’ vindication when Rain rolled out all mad. That does sound weird tho. Alex has been behind bars for what seems like forever, and now, this?

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