March 24, 1980

Scratch. That's what that nigga calls me now because of one motherfucking game of pool where I couldn't avoid the 8 ball.  Can't live that shit down. There's one hole I'm not missing and this nigga has no idea. Glad he's not paying attention to her. Pussy is so damn sweet. She was meant for me anyway. Mine.

Fuck Andrew.


April 5, 1980

If that motherfucker calls me Scratch one more time, I'm gonna kill him with my bare hands. Fuck him and his skimpy paycheck. I'm supposed to be a full partner on these deals and all I really am is the butt of his fuckin' jokes.

I have to make a plan. To get the money he owes me. To get what's rightfully mine. To get who's rightfully mine.


September 16, 1982

Sent more flowers today. Got a nice note back. This asshole is sending me to Florida to handle some idiots who did him dirty. Not sure what guns to take. Gotta make them untraceable. Scratch the serial numbers. Not going down with that fool. Take him down, maybe. But not go down with him. Fucker.

Renting presidential suite at E. R. hotel. See if she'll meet me.


May 14, 1986

Said she had an itch I could scratch last night. I laughed, but she didn't know why. This dude's gotta go. Screwed me for the last time. Like I'm screwing her. Sending money for her to handle the situation. Not the right time for this. For him to find out this way is wrong. It's been too long, though. For him not to know already proves how dumb he is. Right under his nose.


February 27, 1988

Another kill today. Bodies piling up. Need exit strategy. Not even sure I want any part of this anymore. Nigga owes me money, thinks he has me under thumb. Had a nice session with C today. Bought a ring. Gonna propose once that nigga is 'scratched.'  It's time.


July 14, 1994

Second meeting today with woman who wants her husband watched. Pregnant. A little shaky. Sounds promising, although she couldn't get me my money up front. Might be tricky, since he's special ops. Says she's concerned for his welfare. Whatever. Just biding my time, making some chedda doing surveillance til Andrew trips up. Fucker.

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  1. Daaaaaayum!

    27 yr affair? Mason, who’s ya Daddy? I’m still not understanding why Bruh man is still out for blood when it comes to Alex. Is this man really that daggone greedy?

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